Our pentatonic instruments, The Kinder Lyre and Little Minstrel Harp, provide two great ways to enjoy playing songs in the five note pentatonic scale (D E G A B). They are played by people of all ages, and are especially soothing to babies and young children. Also an excellent choice for beginners.

The Kinder Lyre

The Pentatonic scale is like playing the piano with only the black keys. It sounds very Oriental and is actually a scale that is used in the music of many indigenous cultures such as in Balinese Gamelan music, with Native American flutes and appears in other countries in various different configurations. It is also used in Classical music to evoke an exotic flavor or create a simple melody line that has an ancient feeling.

Rudolf Steiner advocated the use of this scale for use with children to evoke the "mood of the fifth". Waldorf schools and home schooling parents use the Kinder Lyre as a beginner’s instrument to teach children how to play music. We include a songbook, Familiar Pentatonic Songs (DEGABd) by Tina Wells, with our Kinder Lyres and Little Minstrels, which gets you playing right away!

Click to hear Greensleeves being played on the Little Minstrel