From time to time, people have had some very nice things to say about the Harps of Lorien. Some of these comments are gathered here.


My Lorien 30 floor harp continues to be a joy to play over the years and Raphael has always been courteous and helpful when I needed him. My harp’s mellow, rich, pleasing tone has helped to bless folks who were sick, distraught and depressed with a message of God’s hope. I love its light weight, too. – Elizabeth Miller, Ithaca, NY


Dear Raphael
I received my harp today - I am lost for words to describe the impact of this harp on me. I took it down to the stream in the valley where I live - I am lucky to live in a typical English valley, steep sided hills with birch woods, green water meadows in the valley bottom with clear water running down from the heather covered moorlands. It has long been my dream to have a harp I could take into the woods and down to the water.

It was a perfect spring evening - sun slanting down through the trees, which are just coming into leaf, all misty green. I took my harp - and it felt like a true blessing for this harp, and the music that sprang forth from it - forgive me if I am going over the top! It was a truly magical experience to sit by the water in the evening sun, and hear the sweet voice of your harp singing out through the trees.

Thank you so much - I can see a new life of possibilities stretching out ahead of me - I have waited a long time for the right, small harp to come along - and this is it!

I feel I want to offer you a Celtic blessing which was passed on to me a while ago -

The strength of the oak, around you,
Protection of rowan, surround you,
The wisdom of hazel, within you,
And the joy of the birch... be yours.

The wind and the rain, will bless you,
The light of the moon, caress you,
The gold of the sun, shine within you,
And the song of peace... be yours.

Strong arms of the mother will hold you,
The green of the forest, enfold you,
The living waters will heal you,
And the song of Love... be yours.

With Love - Julie -Sunday, April 25, 2004


The Kinder Lyre made by Harps of Lorien is a beautiful instrument indeed. My mother was good enough to lend me hers for several years and it was a sad day when she finally wanted it back.

The shape is simple, with a very nice tone and it is easy to hold. What I particularly liked about this instrument, as opposed to the Auris Lyre, is that one cradles it against the chest rather than holding it in one's lap -- and held such, the highest note is closest to the heart.

My children found this Lyre just as easy to hold and play as I did. And we never had any trouble with it slipping out of tune.

This is definitely a pentatonic lyre worth considering.

Elizabeth H. - November 12, 2001