Michael was inspired to make a Lorien 30 harp in walnut, and created a custom carving that revealed itself as he worked. His woodworking talent and ability, combined with his creativity, are demonstrated in this harp. Here are some pictures to enjoy of
"The Blue-Eyed Dragon Harp".



Flower of Life Little Minstrel

Little Minstrels

LIttle Minstrel KitThese custom carved Flower of Life Little Minstrel Harps were designed for our friends at Flower of Life Products, owned and operated by Dani Lodes and Diane Cooper of Sacred Womyn LLC and One Heart Productions, LLC in Sedona, Arizona. Having worked with author and teacher, Drunvalo Melchizedek for several years, Dani and Diane are excited to be spreading the Flower of Life image around the world, through their fun and creative original product line. You can purchase these beautiful Healing Harps online at floweroflifestore.com.