All round-back harps are professional models with high tension and a full, rich tone. They are heavier and involve much hand fitting and shaping. The rich amber of the hardwood neck and pillar contrasts nicely with the lighter color of the soundboard. Backs are veneered in hardwood. The special laminated soundboard and curved shell of the soundbox combine to create a sounding chamber that provides the instrument with a rich, even tone and volume throughout the harp's range, and the ability to withstand changes in humidity and temperature.

The Joy 38, Rowan 33, and Grace 26 harps come with a full set of Loveland levers. Truitt levers are also available. Levers are optional extras on the Oriel 22 and 23 models.

Custom Carvings available. Contact us for pricing and details.

The Joy 38 is our pride and joy. As one harpist put it: "It plays like a breeze and rings like a bell." The first time my son's harp teacher in England played it, you couldn't drag her away from the harp for hours. This harp has a beautiful silvery tone with a deep strong bass and a rich treble.

Joy 38:

Enjoy hearing Julia Armstrong play the Joy 38

Joy 38 38 nylon strings
5¼ Octaves
Range F3 - a2 or G3 - b2
Height 64 inches
Width 33 inches
Soundboard 15 inches
Weight approx. 30 lbs.
Price $5,750 (includes case and a full set of Loveland levers)
Attached Feet
Joy back

The Rowan 33 is our most popular all round harp. It is a perfect size for the Suzuki harp technique and is our recommendation as a first harp for the serious beginner. The harp has a rich even tone and strong volume over the full range of the instrument.

Rowan 33:

33 Nylon Strings
4½ Octaves
Range C2 - g2
Height 59½ inches
Width 29 inches
Soundboard 13 inches
Weight approx. 27 lbs.
Price $4,650 (includes case and a full set of Loveland levers)

The Grace 26 is a more economical first harp and is especially suitable as a child's first harp when converted to a floor harp with the optional 14" legs. This harp is a favorite for those who wish to play in a hospice or hospital setting. It has a full, rich sound, and is easily transported. It is available as a lap or floor harp, depending on your choice of base.

Grace 26:

26 Nylon Strings
3½ Octaves
Range C1 - g3
Height 43 inches
Width 21 inches
Soundboard 11 inches
Weight approx. 15 lbs.
Price $2,850 (without feet; includes case and a full set of Loveland levers)
Price $3,100 (with 14” feet; includes case and a full set of Loveland levers)

The Oriel 22 and 23 are designed to fit in the overhead compartment of most airplanes, and many professional harpists have decided to have one for their travels. Our first one travelled to Egypt to record in the great Pyramid! This is the best travel harp available, with a rich, sweet tone, and uncompromising craftsmanship. It makes a perfect first harp for children and is great for storytelling. Its round back contributes to its superior quality of tone.

Oriel 22:

22 Nylon Strings
Range F- f3
Dimensions 28" × 17" × 8"
Weight approx. 10 lbs.
Price $1,850 (case included)

Oriel 23:

23 Nylon strings
Range F - g
Price $1,950 (case included)

Oriel 22

Oriel 22 Harp

Carving Rose

Rose detail