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KINDER LYRE SALE - $20 off our finished Kinder Lyres, $10 off kits. Please order on the Kinder Lyre page.









LITTLE MINSTREL HARPS ON SALE FOR $289 (regularly $310)! Please order on the Little Minstrel page.








The Kinder Lyre or Little Minstrel seconds usually have slight damage to the cherry wood due to machining. Or maybe a hole that was drilled in the wrong place, and filled. They are actually quite beautiful, and the harp's sound is not compromised at all. Our seconds are good quality, and of course they receive the same blessings as the others. A tuning key, songbook, and stringing information is included. 

We rarely have these items available. If you get a “Sold Out” message in the shopping cart, please try another day or contact us to inquire.

Kinder Lyre Second $145

Kinder Lyre Kit $100

Kinder Lyre Second with case  $175 Kinder Lyre Kit with case $130
Little Minstrel with case - $270
Center Design

Accessories available: Extra Set of Strings, Electronic tuners and pitch pipes


Special Offer
Buy both a Kinder Lyre and Little Minstrel Harp with heart or shamrock center and pay $250 for the Little Minstrel, a savings of $60! Contact us to order.

Kinder Lyre Little Minstrel

See our Pentatonic Instruments product category for more information about the Little Minstrel Harp.


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