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Harps of Lorien

Eagle Harp

We are extremely proud of our selection of harps. Much love and attention to detail goes into their creation. We use only the finest, selected materials in their construction. Great care goes into the manufacture and final sculpting, sanding, finishing and polishing of the harp. Your completed harp will be as much of a sculpture for you as it is a beautiful sounding instrument.

All harps have a 3 year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Wholesale prices on request.

Therapy/Economy Models
Therapy/Economy Models

The therapy line of harps are designed to be lightweight and economical. They offer excellent tone for use in therapy work and also serve as entry level harps for beginners or for those seeking a less expensive harp. Many harp teachers are recommending these harps for their students and more and more harpists working in hospitals and hospices are using these harps. Available in Cherry, Walnut, and Maple. Neck, pillar and soundbox sides and blocks are solid hardwoods. The flat back and soundboard are Spruce and/or hardwood-veneered laminates. Prices include cases and Loveland levers on Cs and Fs for the Sasha 22 and Lorien 30 (formerly, Harmonic 30), and Truitt levers on Cs and Fs on the Raphael 26 (formerly, Elisha 26). Extra levers are $17.50 each installed for Loveland levers and $20 each installed for Truitt levers. These harps are also available as unfinished kits. They are available wholesale to stores and harp teachers.

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Professional Models
Professional Models

All professional models are round-back harps with high tension and a full, rich tone. They are heavier and involve much hand fitting and shaping. The rich amber of the Cherry hardwood neck and pillar contrasts nicely with the lighter color of the soundboard. Backs are veneered in hardwood. The special laminated soundboard and curved shell of the soundbox combine to create a sounding chamber that provides the instrument with a rich, even tone and volume throughout the harp's range, and the ability to withstand changes in humidity and temperature. The Joy 38, Rowan 33, and Grace 26 harps come with a full set of Loveland levers. Truitt levers are $3 extra per lever. Levers are optional extras on the Oriel 22 and 23 models. Extra levers are $17.50 each installed for Loveland levers and $20 each installed for Truitt levers.


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Pentatonic Instruments

Pentatonic Instruments, or Children's Instruments, are designed to be fun and easy to play. Because the notes of the Pentatonic scale all harmonize with one another, there are no wrong notes! These instruments can be played together to create a small band and there will be no discord. You can add drums and other percussion instruments, and enjoy making music together.

Door Harps

We are happy to offer a new product you are sure to love! Hang a Door Harp on your door, and visitors will want to know where they can find one. These make perfect gifts for weddings and other special occasions.

Harp Books & Accessories

Teach Yourself to play the Folk Harp, by Sylvia Woods. An excellent instruction book, especially for those without access to a teacher. Book: $12.95, Audio cassette: $8, Video: $59.

The Harper's Handbook by Laurie Riley. "Everything no one ever tells you about the harp," written in a friendly, honest style, with humor, lots of tips and resources. $14.

Preventing and Correcting Chronic Harp-related Injury by Laurie Riley and Michael MacBean. This little book can save you. Highly recommended. $5.

The Healing Musician. A guide to playing healing music at the bedside, by Stella Benson. This guide is for anyone who wants to play live music to the ailing at the bedside. It instruct in topics such as assessing patient needs, sickroom deportment, etc. and offers ways to use rhythm, harmony and melody. It also relates to how music effects the body in 5 basic ways. Spiral-bound, 224 pgs. Includes companion CD. $30.

Automatic Electronic Tuners
(same notes as the Pentatonic instruments) $20

Tuning Wire. This ingenious device plugs into the inlet hole on your electronic tuner and allows you to tune while the world is making a racket around you or you are listening to your favorite music. The pickup end rests on the soundboard between two strings or inside the back of the soundbox. $20.

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