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The Kinder Lyre
Kinder Lyre

This delicately sculpted instrument is designed for the younger age group and provides a wonderful first instrument. The 7 Pentatonic strings encompass the range of the child's voice and are gently stroked towards the heart. The Kinder Lyre is used extensively in the Waldorf schools with the Kindergarten through 2nd grade children. It has a soft, ethereal tone, especially appropriate for the younger child who still lives in that dreamlike world. The Kinder Lyre comes with a tuning key, songbook,* and stringing information.

Tuning: D E G A B d e

Price: $195
Size: 15" × 7" × 2"
Shipping & Handling: $15
Optional Shaped Case: $30
Extra Set of Strings: $13

Now you can make your own Kinder Lyre from our kits. The Cherry wood is shaped and pre-drilled and mostly sanded. You finish sanding it, varnish it and fit the tuning pins, bridge and strings. The kit comes with full instructions, materials, hardware, tuning key and songbook.*

Kit: $130
Shipping and Handling: $15

Accessories for Pentatonic Instruments
Guitar pitch Pipe in D $6
Chromatic Pitch Pipe F-f $15
Hartke HT 12 Chromatic/Guitar Tuner (has same notes as the Pentatonic scale) $25
Korg Chromatic tuner $32

Books and Instruction Material

* Familiar Pentatonic Songs (DEGABd) by Tina Wells. A great introduction to Pentatonic songs and to learning to read music. It contains many folk songs in the Pentatonic scale in notation as well as named notes $7 ~ included at no additional cost with The Kinder Lyre, or the Kinder Lyre Kit.

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