The Kinder Lyre/Pentatonic Lyre was created over 20 years ago by Raphael Weisman, founder of Harps of Lorien. This delicately sculpted instrument was originally designed for the younger age group, however, we have discovered it is played and enjoyed by all ages. It provides a relaxing sound and vibration that is a joy to the heart!

The 7 Pentatonic strings encompass the range of the child’s voice and are gently stroked towards the heart. It is ideal for bedtime to lullaby your child to sleep and for new parents, the gentle sound provides a beautiful sonic envelope to welcome the newborn both before or after birth. The Kinder Lyre is used extensively in the Waldorf schools with the Kindergarten through 2nd grade children, and by home-schooling parents as well. Its soft, ethereal tone is especially appropriate for the younger child who still lives in that dreamlike world.

The Kinder Lyre is hand-crafted and made in the USA of carefully chosen planks of domestic Cherry wood. It comes with a tuning key, songbook, and stringing information. The songs in the songbook are all well known and familiar folksongs that provide a wonderful foundation for making music with your child. It also teaches you how to read the music if you wish to learn.

You can buy a finished Kinder Lyre, or make your own from our kits. By now, thousands of parents and school children have successfully built their Kinder Lyre from our kits. The Cherry wood blank is shaped and pre-drilled ready for sanding. You finish sanding it, put on your finish of choice and fit the tuning pins, bridge and strings. No woodworking skills are needed. The kit comes with full instructions, materials, hardware, tuning key and songbook.

Tuning: D E G A B d e   Size: 15″ × 7″ × 2″

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Accessories available:

Extra Set of Strings: $14, Electronic tuners and pitch pipes

“Seconds” of our finished Kinder Lyres and kits are sometimes available.
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Recommended by Rahima Baldwin Dancy in her book, You Are Your Child’s First Teacher.

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